Transporting The Elderly

stretcher-98579_960_720One of the trickiest parts about working with elderly patients is the actual transportation of them. Some patients are not in a good enough condition to walk easily, and others are bedridden completely. So it can be a bit trying to get them from point A to point B. So the right equipment is needed to safely move them.

Now, a stretcher or gurney is what usually comes to mind and these will work well enough in most situations. But what about if there are stairs to overcome? You won’t be able to use the aforementioned devices as you’ll have to have it at such a steep angle that you risk the patient sliding right off without very tight restraints. You also risk injuring yourself trying to hold and maneuver it. Even though people who cannot move around with ease shouldn’t live somewhere where there is no elevator access, it still happens from time to time.

The solution is a device called a stair chair. Stair chairs look a bit like a regular chair, but have strategically placed sets of handled on the front and back. They are so placed so that two people working together can easily move someone up or down a flight of stairs. This isn’t only useful for the elderly. These are also vital in times of evacuation. And normally able-bodied person unable to move (or just unconscious) who is trapped on an upper floor could be transported with such a device.

By using a stair chair, you reduce the risk of injury to not only the patient, but also the person(s) doing the lifting.