Teaching Good Health Habits To Children

child-817373_960_720Most parents know about teaching their children about keeping clean and generally staying healthy. This is good and all children should have this grounding. But what about when a child is already sick? Are they taught how to take even rudimentary care for themselves and try to keep from spreading the disease?

This point tends to get left out of the equation. We caution our kids against playing around others who are sick, but not how they can help protect others when they are the one under the weather. Not to mention proper self-care. So let’s take a look at some points that children should be taught.

First, they need to know that rest is important as well as hydration. Though sleep can be difficult when one is sic, it is important to leave the body enough energy to fight off the illness. This means rest and hydration and food. The old saying of “starve a fever” has long-since been debunked, so teach kids to eat when sick to give their body energy.

Keeping away from others is another point. They should somewhat isolate themselves when sick. Sticking to their rooms, they lessen the chance of infecting others. They should also be taught to cover their mouth when coughing, to dispose of their tissues cleanly, and to avoid touching surfaces that others will contact.

Finally, they should know some basic remedies and handlings for common illnesses and symptoms. This way when they find themselves out on their own (and with no one to care for them) they can do at least some successful actions. Vitamins, foods and remedies all fall under this category, so teach your children to use them when necessary. There is also the point of how to treat and care for minor injuries. Keeping a medical bag in the home and showing your children how to properly use the contents can prepare them for emergencies.