Staples of Medical Equipment

sphygmomanometer-915652_960_720As we look towards the future in terms of advances in medical technology, we also have to remember that we are where we are today thanks to some of the tried and true medical tech. There are devices that have been in use for decades, and which are still part of a doctor’s regular items even today. So let’s take a moment to reflect back at some of the staples of medical technology.

The Sphygmomanometer is the device that doctors use to measure your blood pressure. It consists of a cuff, pressure gauge and rubber pump. Invented in 1881, this device now comes in digital form, but it is still based off of the original design.

The Stethoscope is another major part of a doctor’s arsenal. In fact, without one, the traditional sphygmomanometer is virtually useless! This device has been with us since 1816 and has has a variety of forms. It is still the most recognized piece of medical equipment in existence and is inseparable from the medical image.

The Otoscope is another commonly used device. It allows a doctor to easily see inside a patient’s ear and is useful for locating and identifying infections. It has been a staple of doctor’s offices since 1838 and now can consist of a simple smartphone attachment.

An Opthalmoscope is similar, except it is used for inspecting the human eye. Invented in the mid 1800’s (lots of medical technology evolved in that century) it can be seen in offices and clinics everywhere. See one here:

Thanks to these medical technological breakthroughs, doctors can more easily diagnose and treat their patients. As technology continues to evolve, doctors will be able to gain even more insight into what’s happening inside the human body, but it will be thanks to the early devices that we will eventually have that technology.