Quality Of Medical Equipment

medical-instruments-424729_960_720Usually, when people think about the quality of the medical care they are to receive, they immediately think about the doctor. How good is he? Is he well trained? How much experience does he have in a particular field or with a particular illness? All of these will of course determine the overall quality of the care that the doctor in question will be able to give. But there is another element to consider.

Let’s look at this with an example. Suppose you have a carpenter who is a complete expert. He has worked on everything and has a proven record of getting beautiful results. Now, give him something to work on, but take all his tools away and replace them with blunt, low-quality instruments. He may yet be able to produce the piece desired, but it will certainly be of lower quality. The same applies to doctors.

In a private doctor’s office, that doctor is in charge of which supplies and equipment are used. If he is trying to save too much money by using only inferior medical equipment (like a second rate otoscope and opthalmoscope), then his product quality will suffer. This seems obvious, but how many times have you thought about this when at a doctor visit?

So how can one apply this in their life? Well, look at the office around you when you visit. Are the quarters old and dirty? Does the equipment look very over-used and dinged up? If yes, then chances are that your doctor may not be using the best possible equipment. If, however, your doctor’s office and area is clean, and things look fairly new, or at least well-maintained, then they are probably ensuring that they are using quality materials when working on their patients.