Old Yet Useful Medical Tech

Medical training has been around for quite a while. Hundreds of years in fact. Most of the technology of yesteryear that was involved with the training of doctors has gone extinct (and in many cases this was a very good thing!). But there are still a few things that have endured and stood up to the test of time. Things like medical sketches and the dissection of cadavers all still play a part in modern medical training. But there is one thing in particular that I find incredibly fascinating.

And that is moulage. Moulage is the “art” of covering up a manikin or real person in makeup and other props to simulate various illnesses and injuries. This will allow doctors in training to see and actually interview “patients” who can describe their symptoms. That coupled with the makeup itself will allow them to make a diagnosis. This is a very important part of medical training and moulage kits are still widely used in this field.