First Aid: Prevention

first-aid-1040283_960_720One of the most important aspects of first aid and medical safety is that of prevention. If one can keep accidents or other medical emergencies from happening, then that is the best case scenario. And just like with any other first aid procedure, there are a few things to learn about prevention. So before you’re in need of a stretcher splint, let’s look at how some common mishaps can be prevented.

First is just some common sense. Don’t engage in, or allow anyone else to engage in, obviously dangerous activities. This would include not allowing distractions to be present when one is working with sharp or hot objects. Cutting carrots can turn into a trip to the hospital is one is distracted when cutting.

Next, use proper safety equipment when working with power tools (gloves, goggles, etc.) and engaging in sports. These simple precautions can help to avoid a lot of common injuries.

Speaking of tools, having the right tool for the job can also reduce the risk of accidents. If you are trying to do some household repair but are using the wrong tool for the task, that puts you in a situation of using the tool in a manner it wasn’t intended for and increases your risk of accidents.

Keeping children away and under control while working or cooking is another good point of prevention. This also goes for driving in a car. Studies have shown that kids can be more of a distraction than cell phones when it comes to driving.Teach your children that when on the road, the driver needs to be alert and that distractions can be deadly.

With a little bit of foresight, many accidents can be prevented easily.